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Whether your interested in enriching life with your dog through agility, Rally-FrEe, musical freestyle, Frisbee, competitive obedience, Rally-O, or learning tricks to make your dog even more adorable, we can help. At In Joy Dog Training, we start by tackling what you need most of all (like coming when called). What do you need help with?

You don’t need to sit in a class with others learning how to lure a sit…you don’t need a professional for that! Time is valuable and we strive to custom fit your instruction to exactly what you need and want. In Joy offers a unique program that we design together with you, working one on one to address your needs while working towards your dreams.

Want your dog to be reliable so that you can play sports like agility or Frisbee off-leash? Need more tricks for your Disc Dog repertoire? Can’t figure out why your dog fails to perform like he does at home? Does your dog suck at the weaves? Are your contacts inconsistent (probably your start-line, too, huh)? Do you have teeter issues? Want to build confidence? Need your dog to behave better when guests come over? Need help with working at a distance? Want your dog to discriminate between lots of different cues? Need to advance your dog’s verbal comprehension? Tell us what’s important to you and we’ll get to work on it, from foundation to finish. You’ll likely spend less (time and money) working privately with an effective professional trainer and get so much more from your investment than is otherwise possible. For example,  you could spend years trying to train skills (like weave poles or stay) that could take an exponentially shorter amount of time, if you only had better information and instruction.

In Joy thrives on training advanced skills. There is nothing more fun than mastering your hobby and demonstrating your skill in life or competitions. We understand that if you want an agility dog that is fast, confident, and competitive with independent weaves and contacts, you want to be selective about how you train your dog. If you want a Freestyle or Rally-FrEe dog that can work at a distance, with a solid array of behaviors, that can respond fast and accurately to verbal cues, we can help! Do you compete but find that your dog shuts down a large percentage of the time? There’s lots of training help here. Just interested in having a “well-trained dog”? We can teach you how to develop real control so you can give your dog more freedom and really enjoy your companion…as everyone should.

Contact us today and find out what it’s like to really enjoy training!

We serve North Seattle, Woodinville, Bothell, Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, and Monroe.

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