It’s unbelievably hot in Seattle this summer, so what’s a hiking service to do? I’ve been wanting to develop a good swim program anyhow, but a lot of the beaches offer inconvenient footing for running dogs. Here’s a few things I learned:

  • Depending on where the tide is at, even limited running on the beaches in the Pacific NW can result in serious cuts to their feet from the exposed barnacles.
  • Finding a dog-friendly beach where your dog isn’t mobbed by other dogs isn’t easy, and dogs aren’t welcome everywhere.
  • Jumping around and landing on underwater rocks is risky.
  • Dogs aren’t good about easing into exercise with a nice warm up or cool down. And settling in to a functional pace is preferable to ballistic sprints, although tuning up those fast-twitch muscles has it’s uses (especially for agility dogs!). So, most dogs need to be managed and directed to use their body correctly. A difficult feat from a distance while your dog’s in the water.

So, that’s how the dogs “convinced me” to

Beat the Heat with a “dog boat”!

Both of my dogs have a low tolerance for hot weather. Even in the upper 70’s I’ve seen my intense Border Collie dive under the ferns to stretch her belly on the ground in the shade. It’s important to exercise regularly, but it’s hard to keep dogs with a lot of drive from overheating and cooking in their own skins.
The hot weather this year proved my idea to buy a “dog boat” to be a very clever way to keep everyone cool. It’d been an idea I’d had a long time ago, but, since I’d never been on a kayak, the smart thing to do was to rent one first. When I finally got around to it, I couldn’t wait, and started scouring the area for a tandem sit-on-top kayak that would work. I bought the last in stock and we all love the boat. But what do the dogs think about it? That’s a little bit of a story…
Visit the links under on the left to read more about boating with dogs.
Please keep in mind we are riding on a tandem sit-on-top kayak…
Situations may vary depending on what you’re floating in 😉


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