Our beginning level class is jam-packed with info! If you’re a responsible pet parent, and especially if you’re interested in sports, this class provides an intro and direction on important things like:

  • how to warm up your dog (with special consideration for certain sports)
  • games you can (and should) play at a park near you
  • totally “do-able” flexibility exercises
  • strength training (this is the category that FitPaws type stuff falls under…but you don’t need fancy equipment (though if you own some, we can help you understand how they’re best implemented))
  • cardio and how to get moving
  • how your individual dog’s build dictates his exercise needs and capacities
  • ideas for how YOU can get fit along with your dog!

Our program addresses the whole dog and sets up dogs to advance to things like agility equipment when they’re confident and fit to do it….which makes life much more fun! Where to start is a prerequisite to this training class. This class is a prerequisite for partaking in our agility training program.

Advanced classes are a co-creative process. Once we are clear on the basics, advanced classes are offered, on demand, according to your needs and wishes and can include things like cavaletti drills, advanced strength work, and how to train trickier tricks. There’s a whole world of fitness out there that we’d love to explore together with you and your best friend(s)!

Is this good form?

Class is taught by Cloudine, certified Canine Conditioning Athlete Specialist (CCAS). Cloudine has over 20 years experience working with quadrupeds in sport and, additionally, has a personal background in chi gung, dance, and movement therapies (like Feldenkrais). Cloudine is not a vet or a rehab professional. Your dog must be cleared by your vet to partake in practical classes.

Class is held in Woodinville, WA. Head over to the rates and locations page for details

Not local? Let’s work online!

Email: injoydogtraining@gmail.com    Phone: (360) 804-0286