Where to start!?! There’s so much good stuff out there.


I’m all about functional medicine and health, and I LOVE Dr Karen Becker. Ready to be bombarded with reason? Check out this video/presentation on fleas and such (and see you in the rabbit hole). 

Wazzuor is my local raw feeding coop. It makes it more affordable to feed what you know your dog needs if you do the homework (see Dr Becker or Dr Judy Morgan to get you started). 

Dr Leslie Eide did a Bad Dog Agility podcast about how to structure your agility training over the year.

The most knowledgeable person I’ve found regarding fitness, structuring recovery, and all sorts of things we wish all vets knew (but even specialists don’t) is Bobbie Lyons.  


I think Michele Pouliot may be one of the best trainers. She has a wealth of knowledge and DVDs that have gems in them! Check her out if you’re interested in platform training for positions.

Julie Flanery, creator of Rally-FrEe, and Musical Freestyle judge for years is incredible with training detail. There’s a wealth of information on rallyfree.com. You can even compete by video in things like Skills Tests and get feedback from thoughtful judges.

Denise Fenzi has put out a lot of great information via books, FB, blogs and she even created an online academy with quite a variety of teachers and subjects. I’ve found some great information at Fenzi and believe remote instruction has tremendous value. 

One Mind Dogs offers excellent online agility information with a variety of things, including some of the best video breakdown of handling moves. It’s pricey but worth it for the avid agility enthusiast. 

Silvia Trkman is the sweetest and is very generous with her help. She has plenty of wonderful articles and offers online help, too. Just don’t fall into the trap of letting your dog run too wild and shred her shoulders, hips, and knees like I did watching foundation training like hers. 

Want to learn about toy delivery and how to develop a strike without getting struck (and more). Check out Michael Ellis for good info on the mechanics of moving targets.

Puppies! Learn about growth plates to understand how to approach exercise.

Want to rent pricey dog training videos without breaking the bank? Check out BowWowFlix 

BEHAVIOR STUFF (well, it’s all behavior, but…;)

Perhaps the mother of behavior science, Susan Friedman’s website is worth checking out. In particular, I find the following study a must read for every trainer:

Tsk, No, Eh-eh: Clearing the Path to Reinforcement with an Errorless Learning Mindset 

Suzanne Clothier has written Bones Would Rain From the Sky, which I read at such a perfect time in my life. She has a lot of good information out there. 

I adore Amy Cook’s classes on Fear, Reactivity, Stress and Management Techniques at Fenzi on the topic. She teaches “The Play Way”.

Here’s an excellent blog about not magnetizing dogs and babies by Madeline Gabriel.

There are a bunch of great webinars on Equiosity with some of the leading behavior scientists in an interactive conversation and I can’t wait to dig through them all. This is a treasure trove!


Drinking from the Toilet (Mmm, delish)


Animal Training Academy 

Equiosity This is actually a podcast (and website) about clicker training and horses, but I think that Alexandra Kurland has a delicate touch with the clicker system and horses which I enjoy and find quite special.