Ready to learn the key elements to keeping your best friend healthy?  It’s time to learn what your dog needs to get and remain fit enough to keep doing all the things you love to do together. Even just being able to frolic, wrestle and sprint is something a dog needs to be fit for. Did you realize as many as 80% of dogs have undiagnosed micro-injuries (Zink)?

Because many dogs are such natural athletes, we let our dogs run hard when we finally take them out (usually without adequate warm up or cool down). But hiking for miles or competing all weekend after a week of rest is a recipe for soreness and injury.  Often, we don’t get serious about getting our dogs fit for sport until an injury sets us back.  But you don’t have to wait! Take charge now and learn how to responsibly care for your best friend and ward off injury and keep your dog as active and healthy as is possible!

K9 P.E. educates you about how a dog’s mind and body works,  which provides insights on how to adjust your daily activities to significantly reduce the chance of injury. Learn correct form when working on strength training (you wouldn’t want to lift weights while slouching). Understand what cardio is and explore ways to get your dog moving with long, relaxed strides instead of just the high intensity sprint work your dog does during fetch or chase games.  K9 P.E. details how to plan exercise progressions so that you can create your own training program. This way YOU can know how and when to alter plans to continue to challenge your dog at the right amounts to keep your dog improving and prevent unnecessary injury through doing too much all at once.

Is this good form?

Class is taught by Cloudine, certified  Canine Conditioning Athlete Specialist (CCAS). Cloudine has over 20 years experience working with quadrupeds in sport and, additionally, has a personal background in chi gung, dance, and movement therapies (like Feldenkrais). Cloudine is not a vet or a rehab professional. Your dog must be cleared by your vet to partake in practical classes.

Class is held in Woodinville, WA. Head over to the rates and locations page for details. Our “Where to Start” class is a prerequisite for this class. K9 P.E. Level 1 is a prerequisite for agility training.

Not local? Let’s work online!

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