Our tricks series is an interactive course offered online, because there is so much to gain from starting at home:

  • Build a work ethic for your dog in the distraction-free environment of your home first.
  • Avoid having to schedule your life around making it to class, and instead sign on when you have time, and learn through written material and videos and direct communication with your instructor.
  • Now you can show your teacher exactly what you’re getting at home, and get help with it right away, instead of having to wait until the next scheduled class.
  • Classmates all submit videos of their homework, and you get the benefit of watching their process, along with yours, and reading their feedback from the instructor. *This is really different than a regular class, as we usually get so distracted by working with our own dogs, that we miss those learning opportunities that come from watching others practicing.
  • Learn and progress at your own rate. If you’re struggling, you can keep working on the lesson that’s giving you trouble, while those that are ready for more can keep progressing to harder variations or new tricks. You’ll have access to it all, but no pressure to keep up.
  • Sometimes just the act of watching yourself train on video educates you, letting you clearly see your timing, body language, what your dog is demonstrating from a different angle, and more. Certainly, it helps to hear your instructor’s recommendations and then go back and see what you did (our memories sometimes like to skew our perception).

Take advantage of technology; learn more, in an easier fashion, from someone who really knows how to help you achieve your goal—having fun messing around with your dog. Let you in on a little secret, this approach is how you get awesome performance when you decide to get “serious” and compete in sports like agility, obedience, too.

Classes begin the moment you decide to sign up.


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