Private lessons can be invaluable! Did you realize that you can spend less for a monthly private lesson than you would on a weekly group class? Further, there are some things that are best worked out privately, like understanding how to build your dog’s ability to come when called. There’s no sense teaching recall exclusively in a training building…you eventually need to take it out into the “real world” to truly get to the bottom of this challenge.

The ideal place to start is in home, where your dog is not overwhelmed by the environment and can concentrate on learning knew skills without difficult distractions, even though a guest at the house does present a bit of distraction to most (and this is your chance to discuss how to handle your dog when guests come over). It helps to be able to sit down and talk where your dog is comfortable and then practice when your dog is keen to engage (dogs are usually jumping at the chance for an activity around the house). Unless you are already well-versed in dog training and have trained your dog on a variety of skills in many different locations, a classroom ends up being a difficult place to start working on concepts that are new to the dog (especially when the thing you’re trying to train is also new to you!)

Then, I don’t know about you, but I find it most valuable to be able to take dogs out in the world and train. A private gives us the freedom to do that. So many people take a class, learn a strategy, then are left on their own to figure out why it’s not working on their walks. This is where you might think positive strategies fail you and feel you have to resort to less constructive solutions that end up working against you (either immediately, or in the long run). And both you and your dog can feel better than that! You just need the help of a skilled instructor in those moments.

And, of course, we can work on your heart’s desires. You can learn so much by training a handful of tricks…because tricks are behaviors, just like anything else we train. Understanding the process of how to start, build up, and complete a behavior or trick is something surprisingly few people get. And tricks, because they have repeatedly earned reinforcement, eventually develop value, especially when it’s something your dog likes to do (like circle around you). Then, you can use tricks to reward walking nicely and you don’t have to be a pez dispenser with food all the time.

Training enriches life for both you and your partner. A big failing is when we don’t do some fun training stuff with our dogs (you can make anything fun if you use good techniques). That’s when you see dogs running off to find something fun to do because there’s no comparable value in sticking around with you if you’re merely walking (at a snails pace according to the dog). There’s more to training than teach X and you have X trained. Dogs are people, too…well, not people, but, we are in a relationship with them and there’s a whole bunch of pieces that fit together to make that picture. So, doing stuff with your dog, in smart ways (rather than mindlessly throwing the ball, you can use the ball to get the dog to LOVE performing a trick), builds your relationship to where you can communicate and trust each other more and more.

Privates are perfect to give you and your dog the individual attention you both deserve. In Joy’s goal is to help with solutions that work for you and your dog. How can you beat having someone come to you, with no wasted commuting, focusing solely on you and your dog, and designing a plan specific to your wants and needs?

Privates are $80/hour, pro-rated after the first hour with an hour minimum. No additional fees for travel. Serving Redmond, Duvall, Woodinville, Monroe.

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