Need help getting your dog to come when you call? Who doesn’t? It is the most frustrating thing to have go wrong with your dog training. It’s also probably the one single thing that you absolutely need your dog to listen to. A well-trained recall can save your dog’s life and improve the quality of life for both you and your dog.

To heed a recall request, your dog needs to respond to your 1st command, ignore distractions, and CHOOSE TO JOIN YOU. This is true “obedience” training. The homework that goes into training this skill enhances your relationship with your dog and prove to be helpful in ways beyond just coming when called.

But why would your dog choose to come to you (which usually involves being taken away from the fun and the running and have a leash snapped on, only to then walk away at a snail’s pace)? Herein lies the art and science of positive reinforcement training. Positive reinforcement is much more than handing out rewards when your dog finally comes, it doesn’t help to be a doormat! So, you’re probably wondering, “Then HOW do you train it!?!”

Training recall involves more than the obvious…otherwise you wouldn’t need our professional help. It’s important to examine your relationship with your dog and realize how your dog looks at his world and his place in it. For this and other reasons, recall is best handled through private, one on one instruction where a trainer comes to your home and observes your world and offers explanations, exercises, solutions and on-going support when you need it. It’s also very important to help apply this training in real life situations. Because, let’s be honest, teaching your dog to come and stay inside of a dog training facility does not equate to getting your dog to function out in the world around tough distractions.

Privates are available only to those within a 30 minute travel radius of Monroe, WA. $80/hour, minimum of 1 hour and time is pro-rated after the first hour. This may be the most worthwhile investment you make in your dog training. Privates must address the pressing issues, but you have the option of expanding instruction to involve learning any of the fun sport or trick behavior training we offer. In fact, it’s recommended that you pick up some regular activity as an enjoyable way to get better at communicating with your dog, help your dog find value in working with you, and to enrich both of your lives.

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