Hear what people have to say about training with In Joy Dog Training:

“I love love LOVE your class!!!  Wish I could take from you 2 or 3 times per week.  You always have such fun challenges for us and give helpful, insightful feedback.   I feel so lucky to have found you.” ~Gretchen Oswald, competition agility student


“…Bryan and I very much appreciate that your focus is on the relationship with our dogs rather than forcing the dogs through the exercises.  Our pups basically eagerly wait for us to finish dinner before darting down into the basement to start their “homework” nightly so we’re so excited to see them so happy with the training and also feel like we’re building a stronger relationship with them.  So thank you!” ~Jennifer Lewis


“I can’t speak highly enough about Cloudine’s expertise and insight into dog training.  As a dog owner, she has taught me so much about how to communicate with my dog, create boundaries and rules all while still having fun.  She can tackle the seemingly smallest tasks of ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ up to teaching you how to successfully complete an advanced agility course with a super fast dog.  Hiking, walking on leash, heeling and tricks training… Cloudine’s knowledge goes above and beyond.  Her enthusiasm for learning is infectious and she is always finding new approaches to pinpoint what motivates your dog and how to use these motivations to enhance your training and their skills.  I have never seen a dog trainer who is so completely in tune with both the animals and their owners.  I trust her with my dog implicitly and recommend her to any dog owner.” ~Bridgette Kingsbury

“Cloudine has taught me to be a better handler by teaching me to think differently about how to approach more challenging courses in agility and she has taught me how to utilize some strategies that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. As a result, I am gaining more confidence as a handler and I have had some amazing success trialing my young dog!” ~Corey Thorpe

“5 years ago, I met Cloudine when she came highly recommended by a T-Touch trainer. I had adopted a dog from a kind family in Olympia. They were too busy and she spent the majority of her 2 years in either a crate or the backyard. My new dog, Sadie, had never walked on a leash, didn’t know any commands and had never known what is was like to be part of a family. She was in a constant state of stress and had little to no food or toy interest. She had the attention span of a gnat.

Cloudine’s reputation was she was smart, positive, enthusiastic and both dogs and people blossomed under her tutalage. She also had a background in equine. Cloudine was professional from the moment she came to my home for our first consultation. She spent time getting to know me and Sadie’s strengths and weaknesses. Within our first lesson, we addressed my dog’s behavior problems and on top of that, had fun tricks we could work on to start the process of bringing us together as a team. I couldn’t believe how much success we had right away! If you aren’t a natural trainer, success is hard to spot, so it was great to have someone seeing everything I was missing. I am sure my dog appreciated it, too.

Eventually, we were able to move into the beginner agility arena. We learned shaping, jumping, object discrimination and many other foundational behaviors that together make a dog and handler become a team. What makes Cloudine so special, is her training techniques make dogs smart and they LOVE to work. She spends time on Foundation behaviors that make the final product look effortless. She doesn’t churn through clients and let them advance with sloppy techniques just to make money. Once a student starts with Cloudine, they stay with her dog after dog.

There is always so much more to learn and I am amazed at how much enthusiasm and wisdom is contained in both Cloudine and the dogs around her.” ~Carla Vincent

“I have been training my Border collie Fay with Cloudine in agility for the last several months.  Cloudine is excellent in all aspects of teaching and training.  She knows how to help you train your dog to an extremely high skill level and how to help you motivate your dog to love training. She is an excellent handler who knows how to analyze agility courses in order to help her students handle the course appropriately and she is excellent at giving students constructive feedback and guidance.  I would recommend Cloudine as an instructor for any agility student or dog due to her knowledge of how to train dogs and teach people and her ability to help them become the best team they can be!” ~Diana Hoyem

“Yes you are a fabulous teacher, particularly for us beginners.  You apply the positive reinforcement not only to the dogs but to their human partners as well.  I was always impressed with your ability to explain and demonstrate new, foreign concepts…

…That (tricks class) is where the great relationship with your dog begins.  Free shaping was a thrill to watch!  I could literally see a iight bulb go off in Frodo’s head when he “got it”.  Then  the light bulb went off in my head and I could see how I can really communicate with this other species.  How cool is that?” ~Pat Fox

“I just wanted to let you know that I like the way you’ve started our beginner agility class. So nice to see an instructor dig into the basics before launching people into trying to “teach” their dogs new skills. I certainly don’t mind revisiting basics–there are always new tidbits to learn or things I’ve gotten sloppy doing. 🙂
 Also, especially appreciated your advising us not to let our dogs visit/play with one another. I’ve been in other classes where owners seem to think it’s “cute” or somehow important for their dogs to socialize during class or while waiting for a class to start, which undermines building attention in one’s own dog. I always feel rude asking others not to encourage their dogs to “play” with Troy (he thinks everything in the world is there for him to play with already!). Thanks for addressing that in class.” ~Kathy Weaver