Aloha from the “human Border Collie”.

Yes, I am an overly enthusiastic character with an unforgivable intensity, just praying that you will find that to also be my charm;). Today I’m seeking to let you know that here thrives a unique dog training instructor that would love nothing more than for you to have an even cooler relationship with your dog. I have so many ideas that might just spark off a departure from your daily and launch you into a new hobby that is sure to turn you into a smile spreader.

Keep an eye on this blog and wander the wacky world of a fun-loving, smart, efficient, talented dog trainer and instructor as I encounter a variety of challenges and accomplishments in my professional and personal pursuits of a life full of dogs. We’ll talk about trick training, clickers, clicker training, dog behavior, agility, rally-O, competitive obedience, on-going obedience training, puppy training, shortcuts, eliminating unnecessary aids…I could just go on and on. So, I will, here, with random thoughts to get you thinking. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts whenever something resonates with you. It’s nice to know your out there with us!

But for now, I gotta go and find the ball 😉


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