May I?
May I?

Just like a child is taught to say “Please”, this class will transform your dog from being a thoughtless selfish pest to a respectable family member that chooses to show self-control to get what he wants…by doing what you want! This class addresses the basic questions anyone would have about crate training: size, what chews are safe, whining, etc, but that is just a quick stop before we get to live exercises. Find out what it’s like to stop saying “No!” and gain awesome impulse control by taking this training seminar.

What you learn in this workshop will give you a great understanding of how dogs think and learn. Applying this beyond the classroom, you’ll have the tools to train important safety skills like not to bolt out of the house or car door, and you’ll know how to deal with obnoxious behavior like whining and crying, and get your dog to start developing a love for the crate.

When you crate train your dog you provide your dog a safe place that they can call home…wherever you go. If you want your dog to become a good companion traveler, you’ll want to bring that home away from home on the road with you to keep your dog happy and quiet in the awkward hotel setting. If you want to compete with your dog, nothing compares to the value of a crate. In competition environments there is a fair amount of stress on a dog and if they can return to the sanctuary of the crate, you will not only help them feel better, but you don’t have to worry about them being approached by other people or dogs when you are not ready to receive them. At home you can kennel your dog when you need him to take a nap and not be destructive or active when you’re unable to supervise him. A crate/X-pen is a key component to living a life using only positive training methods with your dog.

Dogs of any age are welcome.

Workshop cost= $60

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