Here we are beginning in a new category called InSync. It’s like Dressage and the dog and handler are supposed to be overlapped throughout the routine with no distance moves and only a single pass through the legs to transition from one side to the other. InSync differs from WCFO’s Heelwork to Music in that the dog can never pass through the legs.


I don’t normally mention my placing and refuse ribbons when I can, but, on this occasion, we earned not only some more firsts, but we earned 3 really cool big awards. One was for the highest scoring routine throughout all the levels that day. The other was the HAT award. HAT stands for Heelwork, Attention, and Teamwork. It is, in my opinion, a good measure of quality of dog training. Only one person walks away from the show with it, and we were the lucky ones! Along with that, we earned our Grand Championship for completing every level of Rally-FrEe through to the top. With Rally-FrEe setting the bar high, we put a lot of effort into getting here. I’m thrilled with my dog and my work together.

Worldwide Rally-FrEe 2016

Here’s our entry for the worldwide competition in 2016. We just started competing at the top level of Grand Champion. Even though we totally flubbed one of the signs by doing the wrong variation of leg weaves, we still pulled in a reputable 2nd place! Irie’s enthusiasm in her dragging the cart and her spin while holding the purse in her mouth, complete with a retrieve to hand on her hind legs was wonderful. Not too bad after taking some time off to have a baby!